Stereo & Televisions

Playing Music Throughout the Home

You are able to play any music throughout our home very easily. We do this through bluetooth connection to our home stereo. To connect your phone via bluetooth:

  1. Walk over to the metal console table to the left of the television in the living room.
  2. There is a small square black device, this is the bluetooth receiver.
  3. Press and hold the small button on the back of the device until the light flashes blue. Now the device is in pairing mode.
  4. Find the device in your bluetooth settings on your phone or computer named “AmazonAudio.”
  5. Once connected, any sound from your device will play over the house speakers. Use the volume control on your device to control the volume level.

As a default, the speakers will play throughout the living room only. To turn on the other speakers throughout the home, go into the IT closet across from the bathroom in the hallway behind the television. Straight ahead in the closet, you will see a switch with labels for Outdoors, Master Bedroom, and Dining Room. Press these switches to turn on/off the audio for those areas.

Watching Television

Use the Samsung remote to turn on the television. Switch inputs to toggle between cable television and the Roku box (smart TV).

HDMI 2 – Cable
Use the Xfinity remote to change channels.
If there is no response in this input, go into the IT closet in the hallway behind the TV and wiggle the HDMI cable on the back of the cable box.

HDMI 3 – Roku
Use the Roku remote to log into your favorite streaming platform.