Thermador Espresso Maker

Want some amazing coffee?? Using this machine comes with detailed instructions, but if you appreciate a good latte, it’s worth it!

  1. Turn the machine on by pressing the green circle.
  2. Allow it a few minutes to warm up. You’ll know it’s ready when you have water flush through the system.
  3. Ensure that the dial on the bottom right is set to coffee, not steam.
  4. Put your coffee mug in the center of the machine on the grate.
  5. Press cafe and sit back and watch the magic.
  6. To steam the milk, turn the dial to the left. Be careful, it gets hot!

System Messages

Empty Trays – Carefully pull the drawer and remove the tray from the middle underneath. Dump the coffee grinds into the trash. Then use filtered water to rinse the tray. DO NOT use tap water.

Add Beans – This coffee machine can ONLY use the provided espresso beans (available at Whole Foods). Failure to use the appropriate beans will break the machine and result in repairs at the renter’s expense.

Add Water – Only use FILTERED water from the sink (the right tap). Tap water will break the machine. Slide the tray out using the handle in middle of the drawer and remove the container. Fill up to the water line.

Turn to Coffee – Move the dial on the bottom right from steam back to coffee.